Web Development

Development, Design, SEO, these are all pieces of the whole and we've found that it's detrimental to seperate them entirely in any project. Over the years we've discovered the best approach to be one that combines the teams working on each piece so that the finished prouct is optimised in every way.

With that in mind here is a brief overview of our development process.

We work with tried and true technologies and languages. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, these are the backbones of every project for us.

BanProNET has resisted the shiny new object syndrom that often grips the web and web developers, opting instead to stick with the more reliable.

That isn't to say we are working with outdated languages, our two primary scripting languages drive the web with PHP being used on over 79% of all web sites online, and JavaScript being used on over 95% of all web sites as of August 2019.

Whether working on our own projects or for a client, the process is to define the objective(s) and then determine the best ways to achieve them which will be optimized for speed and future-proofed for the ever changing landscape of the web.

We focus on functionality and performance, but also on compatibility with legacy browsers and various device platforms.

We also pay special attention to security. The truth is every language holds potential for coding vulnerabilities into an application or site. By focusing on the same core languages for almost two decades now--languages which power the vast majority of the web--it makes writing secure code a lot easier for our developers.

Have a project that needs competent and reliable development? Contact us today to see how BanProNET can help you.